Meet our

Administrative Staff and Program Coordinators

Stéphanie Taillon, Executive Director
Alexandre Gauthier, Director of Organizational and Social Development
Katina Vanasse, Administrative Assistant and Special Events
Julie Hurtubise, Development
Julie Poirier, Director, Food Security Programs
Kimber Fellows, Manager of marketing, communications and special events
Emily Balderston, Community Chef
Luca Fournier, Cook and Market Supervisor
Sandrine Zuyderhoff, Music Director
Thivya Anban, Tutoring Program Coordinator
Abera Vallipuranathan, Administrative Assistant - Youth Programs
Bianca Chouinard, Reception and information
Marianne Lance, Socio-Professional Intregration
Benoît Carbonneau - Truck Driver and Building Maintenance
Jacob Desjardins - Truck Driver
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