awakening hopes and dreams

Our mission is to awaken hopes and dreams in the community through excellence in programming that fosters the overall development and success of youth, increases access to food security and health for all and offers work training programs.

Inspired by a vision of a vibrant community where all members reach their full potential and achieve their dreams, Share the Warmth’s priorities are:

  • The overall development and success of children and youth
  • Food security for all, with special attention to school-aged children
  • Employment and job readiness training

While promoting:

  • member involvement in all aspects of the organization and
  • innovative and efficient use of our resources, especially the building in which we offer our programs

Our mission is lived out in schools, with youth and in the community by providing food, school supplies, youth groups, tutoring, scholarships and music for youth, a food bank, a community Café-Boutique and magasin-partage, work programs and more. At our core is the belief that together, we can fight hunger and poverty.

Our Values are generosity and reciprocity, accountability and responsibility, creativity, openness, inclusion and respect.

This YouTube video from 2010 shows some of the work we do in the community.

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