Volunteer at Share the Warmth

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For more information about our individual, group or corporate volunteer opportunities, please contact Sabrina.

Our volunteers come from near and far

Interested in volunteering? Become a volunteer at Share the Warmth today. We have individual volunteering, group volunteering or corporate volunteering opportunities.

Share the Warmth depends on volunteers to make its work possible. We are so grateful to the amazing volunteers who come through our doors every day. They volunteer at the food bank, in the kitchen, at the boutique, at the market, in our youth programs, or for special events.

Join the Share the Warmth Volunteer Family!

Do you have some time and energy to donate? Are you interested in giving back to your community? We have regular and one-time volunteer opportunities for individuals. You can work in the food bank, in the kitchen, at the market, and in the second-hand boutique.

Here are some examples of tasks you can do:

The food bank:
  • Sorting donated food items, preparing food boxes, stacking shelves, unloading the truck
  • Welcoming and distributing food to members on food bank days (Mondays and Thursdays)
The kitchen:
  • Preparing meals for the community lunches (Mondays and Thursdays)
The fruit and vegetable market:
  • Preparation and market set up
  • Sorting fruits and vegetables
  • Helping customers and restocking shelves
  • Cash
The boutique:
  • Working at the cash
  • Customer service
The triage:
  • Sorting donated clothing and small household items, pricing and stacking


Have fun as a group!

Are you looking for group volunteering opportunities? We welcome groups from universities, schools, clubs, sports teams, religious organizations, and others. You can volunteer once or on an ongoing-basis. Group volunteering is a great activity to do with friends, classmates, teammates or with your students. If you are a teacher looking for ways to engage students and get them more involved with the community, consider a group volunteering day or half day at Share the Warmth.

Team building

Is your company looking to promote volunteering with its employees? Are you interested in team-building experiences? Corporate volunteering and corporate volunteer programs have proven to be a smart investment for companies. They are known to drive employee engagement, strengthen trust and collaboration, contribute to higher morale and as a result increase productivity.

Activities at Share the Warmth

Companies can participate in various activities at Share the Warmth. Depending on our needs and time of year, groups may work in the food bank, the kitchen, the market, at special events or doing a variety of other tasks. Many companies also organize their own fundraising events. These third-party events are a great way for employees to get involved and work together to support a cause they care about.


We ask that participating companies make a minimum donation. This donation will directly support our mission and allow us to continue providing key services in the community.

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers!