Your idea for an event could help Share the Warmth

Would you like to fundraise to support Share the Warmth’s programs?

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In the event above, watch the results of DentsuBos’ Auction held on March 1, 2017. It was fun, short and quite simple to organize. A great creative initiative for office teams!

From bake sales to food drives, from birthday party donations to youth activities, let your imagination run wild and set up an event that will be well received in your community. Then, speak to us and let us know how we can help you succeed in your event!

Some examples

  • One such popular event was thought up by an elementary school child who started a Sock Drive for Share the Warmth.
  • DentsuBos personnel organizes an annual silent auction. All proceeds are given to Share the Warmth’s programs. One DentsuBos employee organized an amazing cycling challenge for Share the Warmth’s 25th anniversary!
  • The Burgundy Lion Pub organizes an Annual Golf Tournament and donates all proceeds to Share the Warmth.
  • Zaak Dopson organized a ‘Dance for them’ event and received food instead of payment and gave the food to Share the Warmth’s food bank.

This support is essential to Share the Warmth’s success.


If you have an idea please read this:

First, you will need approval for your idea. Please contact us a few weeks before your event and if possible, a few months before for larger fundraisers (wine tastings, silent auctions, or fundraising dinners). Share the Warmth asks that you, as the organizer, take care of procuring a liquor license if you need one for your event as the organization cannot sign off on them for events.

Depending on your event and type of donations, Share the Warmth can issue receipts for income tax purposes for donations of $20 or more. To do so, we need a complete list of donors and their contact information. You, as the organizer, are responsible for completing this list and sending it to us as soon as your event is completed. You do not receive a tax receipt as an organizer unless you also made a donation over $20. For more information on receipting, please read this page.

We will need the complete name, address, phone number and email address of each person who donated more than $20 if they wish to receive a tax receipt.

Please consult the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information on receipting. Share the Warmth acts in accordance with all relevant charitable laws and insists that all its events do so as well.

You will want to make sure to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s to ensure everyone who donated gets a receipt, and that you and your supporters are acknowledged. Please make sure to communicate all relevant information to Share the Warmth so that we can do this!

If you took photographs, please send us a few so that we may post them on social media, in our newsletter or annual report. If you are advertising your event, make sure to include Share the Warmth through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other way that holds your fancy! It’s important to respect everyone’s wishes, so please make sure you ask permission before you snap anyone’s picture. 

Please review the Canada Revenue Agency website and ensure that your idea is in accordance with relevant laws.

This page explains laws applicable to not for profit organizations and can help guide you in your fundraising efforts.