Thank you for your generosity
Please donate to our food bank today!

Donate to our food bank today!

In this time of national emergency, Share the Warmth has shifted its focus from community programs to emergency food services. This is our effort to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community have access to sufficient, healthy food when it is most important.

This reorganization of our services requires a lot of effort for our organization both in terms of resources and funding, and our program is under increasing stress. As demand for food has already increased by 45% and will only continue to go up in the coming weeks and months, we are appealing to our supporters in this time of need. Please donate to this special campaign and help us fill our food bank shelves with fresh, healthy food.

Financial donations have a greater impact on fighting hunger in our community. Through bulk purchasing, every $10 donated allows us to purchase up to $30 worth of food. Furthermore, our aim is to offer local, seasonal, healthy, fresh and minimally processed food to our members.


Unlike other platforms, Simplyk does not charge transaction fees, so your entire donation goes directly to Share the Warmth. However, the platform does give you the option to add a voluntary contribution to help Simplyk keep running its services. If you don’t want to participate, in section 03, just choose Other in the drop-down menu and then enter $0.