Employment Training


Our work-training programs focus on helping individuals integrate or reintegrate the job market.

One of Share the Warmth’s priorities is to provide work-training opportunities to individuals with limited to no work experience, or individuals who have been unemployed for prolonged periods of time. For more information, please contact Marianne at (514) 933-5599 (ext. 223) or by email at paas-action@sharethewarmth.ca

Share the Warmth currently has two community positions within the organization. These are part-time positions that are available to members of the community who are on social assistance. The objective is to offer individuals the opportunity to acquire work experience, build confidence, and ultimately encouragement to enter or return to the job market.

Share the Warmth participates in Emploi-Québec’s PAAS-ACTION program. The program is geared toward people who receive social assistance and who have been away from the job market for a long time. This program assists participants in developing new skills and preparing them for more advanced work-training programs or a permanent job. There are currently 13 PAAS-ACTION positions within the organization.

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