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Food security is difficult in Point Saint-Charles where we run our local community programs. In fact, over the past three years, more and more people are turning to Share the Warmth’s Food Bank for support. In only two years, we’ve gone from supporting 600 people each month to 1,200!

This worries us and has led to thinking about what we could do to increase access to food in the area. What we came up with was a Community Café that would double as a Resource Centre. This way, we bring healthy and affordable food to the Point!


The Café now offers lunchtime meals that are both healthy and affordable. Most, if not all, of the meals are vegetarian and cost less that $2 a plate to prepare in terms of food. Costs are established based on income. Thus, food bank users pay a minimal fee while other residents pay a slightly higher price.

The result? The Café is an affordable alternative way to eat healthy meals high in protein.