Planned Giving

Your Share the Warmth Legacy

A planned gift is a charitable donation arranged through your Will or Life insurance. These donations serve a host of purposes both for yourself and for our organization. A planned gift can give you or your Estate income tax deductions but also help you meet your personal goals for charitable giving. For Share the Warmth, these types of donations help us plan the future and leave lasting traces for the people the organization supports.

You might choose to leave a legacy for one of our key program areas, for example:

Youth Programs

Tutoring, Scholarships

Music and Youth Group

These programs support children all through their childhood and into young adulthood. Or, you might choose to make your gift even more specific, for example to:

The School Food Program which feeds 2,500 children in 25 schools throughout the year to ensure that no Montreal children go hungry.

Whatever you choose, Share the Warmth will honour your legacy wish.


Will bequests – these types of gifts are made through a Will and can include gifts of cash, stocks, bonds RRSP, RRIF etc. These types of gifts receive a donation receipt for the full amount of the gift and reduce or eliminate the tax payable on the final income tax returns

Life Insurance – these types of gifts are the easiest to make as you can designate Share the Warmth as your beneficiary or surrender an existing policy to the organization. These may also provide you with tax benefits under miscellaneous rules.


$5,000 could help us support one child through high school with our Scholarship Program

$20,000 could feed the hungry children in a school for a year!

$50,000 could feed several families for a decade

$200,000 could help us set up our Community Café and provide healthy affordable meals to those in need.

Share the Warmth supporters’ information is kept in strict confidence. We never share your information with other parties, ever. However, having your information allows us to keep you informed of the work we are doing and of what we are accomplishing in the community thanks to you.

Share the Warmth staff are currently working with volunteers to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision that best meets your needs in regards to your legacy. You may contact Michèle Chappaz and she will put you in touch with someone knowledgeable who can help you make these decisions.